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I was born in Monte Giberto, near Ascoli Piceno, on the 15th of August 1939.
I attended the Institute of Art for the Porcelain in Sesto Fiorentino and obtained a school-leaving certificate as "Maestro D'arte".
My activity as restorer has begun in 1959 under the direction of Professor DINO DINI and I have worked on mural paintings of relevant importance, among which Giotto's frescoes and those by Giovanni da Milano in Santa Croce (Florence), Andrea Bonaiuto in the Cappellone degli Spagnoli this also in Santa Croce. I have also taken part to "stacchi" and "strappi" (severance of the fresco with its plaster; severance of the pictorial film) of large frescoes, among which the 'Inferno' by Nardo di Cione in S. Maria Novella (Florence) and "L'albero della Croce" by Taddeo Gaddi in the former refectory of Santa Croce (Florence), which have been removed from their place in one single piece of about 100mq and then put back in the same place.
In 1976 I have been in charge of the mural painting section of the Ministry of Fine Arts at the O.P.D. (Opificio delle pietre dure) and the restoration laboratories in Florence, where I have taught for ten years in the frescoes section of the school of restoration of the Institute. In that period I worked on the frescoes by Domenico Ghirlandaio in Santa Maria Novella (Florence), Masaccio in the Brancacci Chapel, Church of Santa Maria del Carmine (Florence). I have also worked on the Pordenone on the counter-façade of the Dome of Cremona, and many others.
Being in charge of the frescoes section of the O.P.D. of Florence, I have been techical consultant of innumerable restorations of frescoes and stucco works for the "Soprintendenze" (Monuments and Fine Arts Services) of many Italian Regions (the Region of Veneto and that of the Marche, but also the cities of Mantua, Milan, Pisa).
In 1989 I retired from the O.P.D., and I have taught in different schools of conservation of works of art: International University of Art in Florence (U.I.A.), Accademia Aldo Galli in Como, School of Villa Manin in Passariano (UD), University of Macerata, and others. I have also taught at the courses held by the Centre of Studies for the Restoration of the Monuments in Historical City Centres in Florence (CECTI); while consulting for the works of restoration of mural paintings in different parts of Italy, under the direction of the respective Monuments and Fine Arts Services. 
In 1993 I have completed the restoration, on which I personally worked, of the "Madonna del Parto" by Piero della Francesca in Montevarchi, Arezzo.
In 1994 the restoration of the "Maddalena" by Piero della Francesca in the Dome of Arezzo.
In 1995 the restoration of "Sala di Troia" in the Palazzo Ducale of Mantova with frescoes by Giulio Romano.
In 2000 the restoration of San Ludovico by Piero della Francesca In the Museum of Sansepolcro (AR)
At the moment I am teaching restoration at the International University of Art in Florence and, from 1994, at the course for the diploma in Operator for the monuments and Fine Arts at the University of Macerata
During many years of activity I have been entrusted with the following assignements:
Preparation of the exhibition of Renaissance frescoes held in 1978 in Mexico City.
Invited as expert at the course on mural paintings in Thailand (ICCROM).
Restoration of the Monastry of Pod Lastva, Budva, Yougoslavia in 1983, (ICCROM).
Symposium held in Ellora (India), on the preservation of the mural paintings, 1983 (ICCROM).
First seminar on the preservation of mural paintings, Havana, Cuba, 1986 (UNESCO).
Teacher at the regional course for Latin America and El Caribe on the preservation of mural paintings, 1987, "Bogota-Medellin", (ICCROM-UNESCO).
Dresden, study-congress os restorators "Regione Toscana", 1987.
Consultation over the restoration of the frescoes in the cloister of the Church of S. Francis, Lima, Peru, 1988 (UNESCO).
Restoration of frescoes in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. (ICCROM).
Conference on the preservative restoration of mural paintings, Bogota, Columbia, 1988 (UNESCO).
Debate on the theme: "Support for 'staccati' or 'strappati' (peeled off, taken off) frescoes and their degradation, Andorra, 1989.
International study-congress "Michelangelo - The Sistine Chapel", Vatican City, 1990.
In 1993 it was also published my manual on restoration entitled "Methodology of Restoration of the Mural Paintings" edited by Centro Di, Florence; from 1994 I am editing, together with the architect Giuseppe Centauro, a collection with the title "Notebooks on the Preservation and Exploitation of the Cultural and Environmental Artistic Wealth".
I have many  other publications.

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